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World-class frozen fruits and vegetables made more accessible to Filipinos. 

Healthy Harvest believes that everyone deserves to enjoy fruits and vegetables at their peak ripeness, peak flavor, and peak nutrient potential without the hassle of unpredictable seasonality, lack of availability, and short shelf life.


That's why we specialize only on IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) Technology - the best way to preserve produce. You essentially get the same quality as the fruit was harvested.  



Locked in Freshness.

Produce are harvested at their peak

ripeness and immediately frozen within 20 minutes using the latest Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology.

2-Year Shelf Life and Easier Storage.

Our 2-year shelf life means that you can stock as much as you want and take lesser trips to the market.

Lesser trips = more cost savings!

Year Round Availability.

The seasonality of fruits and vegetables may take a hit on your bottomlines. Inability to source produce sustainably is one of the biggest problems of our customers. Since our products are frozen, you won’t have a problem on this anymore.






Specialized in Frozen Produce.

Healthy Harvest is the first and only Filipino company to focus on frozen produce. Over the years, we have developed expertise and technical know-how. We have become the resource of our customers when it comes to the use of frozen fruits and vegetables.

Widest Selection.

We source our frozen produce from farmers and producers all around the world. Our wide network of direct-to-farm suppliers enable us to source almost any frozen fruit or vegetable, in any specification that our customers may


Distribution Network and Reach.

We partnered up with foodservice distributors around the country who will service the needs of our customers. We have trained these distributors on handling frozen produce and we ensure that the service quality that they provide is top-notch.

Always the Best Quality.

From the farm to your freezer, we ensure that our frozen produce retains the same quality during harvest. We only source top-grade fruits and vegetables from our farmers.

Temperature-controlled containers and warehouses are also used to ensure that our products are always fresh and have the best quality.


Quick Facts About Healthy Harvest


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Special Sourcing

Under our special sourcing arrangement, we have the capability to source your specific frozen produce requirement. (ie. Any fruit from any country as you require) Minimum of 1 FCL firm order.

Pre-prep and pre-pack

We can pre-prepare and pre-pack your frozen produce requirements according to your needs (ie. Any size, any cut, in puree form, whole, without seeds specific to your recipe requirement) to further reduce your post processing time and cost.

Technical and Culinary Support

We can provide technical support regarding product use, provide technical specificiations (ie. Product Data Sheets, Microbiological Tests, etc.), and even culinary application support as needed by our customers.


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Join our dream in supplying the best quality frozen produce in the Philippines. Distributors will serve restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, food manufacturers, etc. Distributorship territories are still open throughout the Philippines.


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